Wednesday, 10th September 2014

12:00   LABS Excursion /optional/
13:00 Registration
15:00 Opening the conference

Section 1 – Human-Machine Interface
15:15 Plenary session
Mirko Novák - Problems of Driver Attention Decreases
16:05 Plenary session
Petr Bouchner – Simulation Technologies for HMI Research
17:00 Poster session

Václav Jirkovský - An Effective Way to Control the Interaction of Objects in a Virtual Scene

Marek Jež - Controlling Selected Car Functions by Gestures

Kateřina Krpešová, Drahomír Schmidt - The Use of Non-Contact 3D Scanning of Pavement Surface in Traffic Accident Analysis

Luboš Nouzovský - Measurement of Cyclists Movement

Karel Kocián - Shortened Analysis of Cause and Process of Traffic Accidents

Jiří Hanzl, Petr Kumpošt - The Possibility of Permanent Alternative Diversion Routes System Implementation on the Czech Network of Significant Roads in Case of Extraordinary or Planned Traffic Restrictions

Kairatolla K. Abishev, Ruslan B. Mukanov - Improving Road Traffic Safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK)

Erfan Aria, Adeyemi Adedokun - Implementation of Tire Air Pressure Sensor on Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV)

Michal Kosňovský, Martin Smělý, Radka Matuszková, Michal Radimský - Analysis of Accidents on Undivided Roads with Increased Number of Lanes

Lukáš Tomek, Milan Janda - Training Station for Drivers with Interactive Simulator

Jana Košťálová, Tomáš Padělek - Decision Support System for Distribution of Funds Allocated for Elimination of Accident Places

Zlatko V. Sovreski - The traffic accident happened on the crossroad made of the main road Skopje-Ohrid with the str. Boulevard “Boris Kidric” in town Kicevo

Virtual presentations, Work in Progress papers (WIP)

Leon J.M. Rothkrantz – Personal Advanced Traveler Assistant – Dynamic Traffic Assignment

Petra Skolilová - Growth in Aviation Industry in Middle East Under Treath of New Vawe of Terrorism

Akshaya Jayakumar, Josef Faber - Driver Behaviour in Long Tunnels
18:00 Dinner

Thursday, 11th September 2014

Section 2 - Simulators
9:00    Plenary session
Jiří Pour- 55 Years of Czech Driving Simulators
9:50 Evžen Thöndel - High Dynamic Motion Platforms for Motion Simulators and Dynamic Testing Purposes
10:15 Jindřich Kalivoda - Rallye Driver Skills Improving Using the Driving Simulations
10:40 Coffee break

Section 3 - Data Analyses/Driver Behaviour
11:05 Emil Pelikán - A Weather Risk Prediction System For Road Trip Planning
11:30 Inga Chudjaková - QFD Implementation in the Automotive Industry
11:55 Přemysl Derbek - Graphical Interface of the Vehicle Emission Load Model as a Web-based Application
12:20 Anna Čechová - Investigation in Driver's Visual Field
12:45 Dmitry Rozhdestvenskiy - Detection of Aggressive Driver Behavior Using On-Board Camera and GPS Module Planning
13:10 Lunch

Section 4 - Road safety management
14:25 Ivana Šimková - Accidents Caused by Visitors of Visegrad Group in Slovak Republic
14:50 Petr Kumpošt - Effective Ways of Traffic Surveys Realization
16:00 Tour of the castle Děčín

Friday, 12th September 2014

Section 5 – Accident analysis
9:30    Plenary session
Gustáv Kasanický - Analysis of road traffic accidents
10:15 Coffee break
10:40 Michal Frydrýn - Traffic Accidents with Child Pedestrians – Validation of Simulation Programs
11:05 Zdeněk Svatý - Close-Range Photogrammetry for Accident Site Reconstruction in Forensic Science
11:30 Gustáv Kasanický - Real Data Acquisition After Traffic Accident Using CDR System
11:55 Gustáv Kasanický - Implementation of the CDR System for Analysis of Data from Passenger Car after Traffic Accident in Europe
12:20 Lunch

Section 6 – Accident analysis
13:35 Ondřej Přibyl - Highway Management and its Safety Implications
14:00 Libor Topol - Behaviour of Drivers on the Roads
14:25 Zuzana Radová - Vehicle to Child Pedestrian Full Scale Test – Sensitivity Analysis to Initial Conditions
14:50 Josef Mik - The Use of Information Technology for Estimation of Vehicle Frontal Collision
15:15 Martin Šotola - Riding Comfort on the Motorcycle - Objective Evaluation Methods and Impact on Safety
15:40 Closing the conference, discussion
16:00 LABS Excursion /optional/