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In the early autumn 2014, the DCI&S Conference was held in Czech Republic, in Die�n.

The first volume of conference Driver � Car Interaction & Safety 2014 (DCIS) loosely picks up the treads of successful conference DCII2010 which was co-organized by Faculty of Transportation Sciences of Czech Technical University in Prague few years ago and previous volumes of the conference (DCII2008, DCII2009 and DCII2010).

The aim of this conference was to continue on the discussion on the theme of interaction between Human-Machine-Infrastructure and factors influencing the road traffic safety and all the problems connected with these topics. It covered subjects which are partially sub/problems of the Human Machine Interaction and behavior influenced by road traffic and on the other hand they bring results from very distant disciplines.

Visit of laboratories was held on the first and the last day of the conference.

DCIS (Driver to Car Interaction and Safety) gathers under one roof the results of the research in many scientific and industrial branches, which are based on, like safety, transportation, industrial design, medicine or psychology, the part called �safety� gathers in addition approaches of forensic experts and road safety inspectors.

The conference was opened to participants coming from areas of basic and/or applied research, forensic experts departments, car industries, design and ergonomics, medical research etc.

Proceedings: CD with contributions is now available here!

Main themes of contributions:

  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Human factors in transportation
  • Neuro-informatics
  • Informatics and Computer sciences
  • Interactive Simulations and Virtual Reality
  • Data analysis and data mining
  • Transportation science
  • Analysis of traffic accidents
  • Biomechanical load in road traffic accidents
  • Road safety inspection
  • Education and training

Call for Papers is here.

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Sponzored by SVK 48/14/F6 (CTU support for students scientific conferences organizers)

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Czech Neuroinformatics Node