Děčín Castle

Perched atop its cliff where the Ploučnice meets the Elbe, Děčín Castle is one of the oldest and largest landmarks in northern Bohemia.

Approx. 6 min walk from Zámecká Sýpka

Pravčická brána

Large natural stone bridge with the span of arch 26 meters. Symbol of entire Czech Switzerland area.

Approx. 16 km from Zámecká Sýpka

Thun Chapel of Saint John of Nepomuk

Neogothic building raised in 1870–1872. Designed by Viennese architect Friedrich Schmidt.

Approx. 3 km from Zámecká Sýpka

Shepherd's Wall (Pastýřská stěna)

Neo-Gothic castle built on a 150 metre tall rock on the left side of the Elbe river with a spectacular panoramic view on Děčín and its surroundings.

Approx. 3 km from Zámecká Sýpka

Belveder lookout (Rozhledna Belvedér)

Beatiful view of Elbe canyon.

Approx. 13 km from Zámecká Sýpka